1. General

  • What is 7 Little Words?

    7 Little Words is a fun, simple, and challenging puzzle that’s enjoyable even for those who don’t think they like word games! It presents every day words – including famous people, place names, brands, and pop culture references – in a new context and with clever clues. There’s no time limit or competitive pressure of any kind. All you have to do is unscramble the tiles to find the hidden 7 little words – and receive your “well done” smiley face!

  • How is the game played?

    In each puzzle, use the clues to help you click on the 20 tiles in the right order to unscramble the 7 hidden words. Remember, you can always ask for a hint. The 7 Little Words mobile app comes with 50 free puzzles (and a free Daily Puzzle), but that’s just the beginning! Tons of additional fun is just a click away with new puzzle packs being released continuously!

2. Availability

  • Is 7 Little Words available for my mobile device?

    7 Little Words is available as a mobile app on all of the most popular devices, including iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android, Kindle Fire, Nook Color, Windows Phone, and Windows 8 tablets (and PCs). For details, visit the individual platform’s app store.

  • Is 7 Little Words available in other languages?

    Oui and ! 7 Little Words has a companion version 7 Petits Mots (en français) for iOS (iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch). You can play a French Daily Puzzle in the app and on our site at www.7petitsmots.com. In addition, Spanish language puzzles are now available in the 7 Little Words in-app puzzle store.

  • Is 7 Little Words available anywhere else?

    All of our Daily Puzzles are playable on Facebook here. 7 Little Words is available for PCs and tablets running the Windows 8 operating system.

    In addition, paperback collections of 7 Little Words are available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and your favorite local bookseller; paperback editions of 7 Little Words for Kids will be coming soon.

    Our Daily Puzzle now appears – in print and online – in newspapers around the world including the Miami Herald and the Detroit Free Press.

    Also look for 7 Little Words when dining at your favorite restaurant. Our game is available to play at your table in some casual dining chains, such as Applebee’s.

3. Kids and Classroom