It’s a Colorful New 7 Little Words!

As 7 Little Words turns 8 years old (an eternity in the app world, and we are very grateful to you for that), it is time for a major refresh!

It’s still the game you know and love, but we have made the app much more colorful and streamlined. Changes include:

• Every pack now has a theme color and carefully chosen photo;
• All puzzle packs are now on a single page that scrolls in two directions;
• A new “On Sale” section will offer discounted puzzle packs;
• Hints are now available with a single tap;
• Correct answers are now registered automatically – no more Guess button;
• A “Next Puzzle” button allows you to move easily through a puzzle pack.

This new 7 Little Words version has been released for iOS on May 6, 2019, and is currently in development for Android.

Free, Ad-Supported Puzzles Introduced to 7 Little Words

Puzzle fans have told us loud and clear that they want more free puzzles, so we’re introducing new ways to play in the 7 Little Words app. In addition to the classic, free Daily Puzzle, we are adding a daily Bonus Puzzle that can be played after watching a short video.

A new section, called the Free Puzzle Playground, adds a regularly refreshed batch of puzzles that are also ad-supported.

Play All 10,000+ Puzzles With New 7 Little Words All Access Pass!

Since we released 7 Little Words, many puzzle fans have asked about an option to play all the puzzles without having to buy packs individually.

We’re excited to say that with the release of 7 Little Words 4.0 that will now be possible! Our new All Access Pass option allows you to play every new, monthly pack as soon as it is released — plus all the puzzles (more than 10,000) that are already in the app. This new Pass also includes unlimited, free hints! You may choose from weekly, monthly, and annual All Access Pass options.

Choosing All Access Pass does not affect packs you have already purchased. Those will remain under “My Puzzles” in your app whether you continue with All Access Pass or not. In addition, puzzle fans still have the option of buying individual packs instead of All Access Pass.

7 Little Words 4.0 with All Access Pass is now available for iOS and Android (Google Play and Amazon).

With the release of All Access Pass, we are adding two new puzzle packs, “Whirlpools” and “Quills” — 100 new puzzles immediately available (at no additional charge) to All Access Passholders. The addition of these packs means that we now have more than 10,000 puzzles in the 7 Little Words app. We’re very excited about this major milestone!

7 Little Words Included in New Puzzle Book

Gannett_COVER smA new puzzle book from the USA Today Network will include two new, previously unpublished 7 Little Words puzzles in each weekly issue.

The new book, called USA Today Network Weekly Puzzles, is now being offered in select markets around the US by newspapers owned Gannett Company, Inc. Each 28-page issue includes crosswords, sudoku, word searches, and other puzzles in addition to 7 Little Words.

Gannett_Puz_Pg4.160306 halfIf you enjoy solving puzzles (and of course you do – you’re a 7 Little Words fan), check to see if you have a Gannett newspaper that is offering the new USA Today Network Weekly Puzzles book in your city!

Some of the newspapers currently offering USA Today Network Weekly Puzzles include:

  • The Arizona Republic (Phoenix, AZ)
  • The Cincinnati Enquirer (Cincinnati, OH)
  • The Citizen-Times (Asheville, NC)
  • The Courier-Journal (Louisville, KY)
  • Democrat & Chronicle (Rochester, NY)
  • The Desert Sun (Palm Springs, CA)
  • The Indianapolis Star (Indianapolis, IN)
  • Lansing Sate Journal (Lansing, MI)
  • The News Journal (Wilmington, DE)
  • The News-Press (Fort Myers, FL)
  • … and more coming soon!

“The Mini Page” — a New Place to Play 7 Little Words for Kids

7LWKinMiniBeginning with the December 19, 2015, issue of The Mini Page, a puzzle from our 7 Little Words for Kids game will be included biweekly in this classic children’s newspaper.

The Mini Page was founded in 1969 and appears in hundreds of newspapers throughout the U.S. each week. Now, every other issue will include one of our puzzles, and we couldn’t be more excited!

Try Monkey Wrench, Our New Word Search With a Twist

MWIcon_180x180Our newest game adds an extra dimension to the word search, giving the puzzle fan categories of words to find — but not the words themselves. Monkey Wrench, available now for iOS devices, has three difficulty levels and terms from pop culture, science, geography, history and more, making it a fun word game for the whole family!

At launch, Monkey Wrench contains a free pack (named ”Coconuts”) of 50 puzzles and 7 additional packs, including 2 Super Value packs, with a total of 1000 available puzzles. Monkey Wrench also contains a free Daily Puzzle.

See how our new game is played by watching our trailer and find it in the iOS app store today!

Four Big Years for 7 Little Words

icon-3.0-114-SevenLittleWordsThis May we’re celebrating two important milestones for 7 Little Words. It’s the 4th anniversary of our game, and we’ve reached the 10,000,000 download mark.

Back in 2010 when I first started prototyping 7 Little Words on the living room floor with a pack of index cards and a marker, I had no idea it would grow to be so successful.

Today our game is available as an app on almost every mobile device. You can play it at the table in many Chili’s restaurants across the USA. You can play a print version in over 50 newspapers or in our books. There’s even an award-winning version for kids.

It takes many people to make all this happen, including 11 employees at Blue Ox plus well over a dozen puzzle writers. I give my heartfelt thanks to the entire 7 Little Words team.

But most of all, it’s our fans that make all of this possible. So this month we present a special update to 7 Little Words as a way of thanking you and celebrating together.

We’ve created an all-new updated look for 7 Little Words. Months of hard work make this the best-looking and easiest-to-read version of our game yet. Also there’s a new blue color theme that will make the game even more cheerful. Plus we have a new large print feature that will put an end to the squint.

I’m so excited to release this new update to 7 Little Words. Without a doubt, it’s our best ever. Thank you so much for being a fan of 7 Little Words and for being a part of our family!


Christopher York
Blue Ox Technologies Ltd.

Exciting Changes in 7 Little Words 3.0

In the four years since we first offered 7 Little Words, we have worked hard to continuously add features that improve game play, make the game more fun, and meet the needs of our fans. We’re proud to say that in our soon-to-be-released version 3.0, we feel we have created the best version yet!

Here are some elements you can expect to see in 7 Little Words 3.0:

  • Better legibility: we have adjusted the clue panel to make each line more distinct. In addition, you can now opt for a darker font for clues. Finally, with one tap you can now increase the size of the font for the clues and word chunk letters.
  • More color: We made it easier to change the colors, and we added a new, sky blue background (and we’re not done…).
7LWregularprint med

Regular Print

7LWlargeprint med

Large Print

















We hope that you will find that these new features make the time you spend with 7 Little Words even more enjoyable, and we look forward to rolling out additional exciting features in the future!



7 Little Words Tops 10 Million Downloads

We are very grateful to all of you who have played 7 Little Words – and told your friends! 7 Little Words has just passed 10 million downloads (combining all platforms and languages), and it’s only because you have continued to find the game worth playing. We look forward to continuing to provide you with our little quiet little word puzzle for years to come.

Red Herring App Now Available for Windows Phone, Mac Computers

Our new breakout word game, Red Herring, is now available for Windows Phone 8 and Apple computers running OS 10.8 or later. In addition, the latest update added bonus packs for everyone, allowing players to earn a free pack with every five purchased.

Red Herring has been an outstanding success since its May release, with over 800,000 downloads on iOS and Android (including Kindle Fire) and more than 60,000 people playing each Daily Puzzle. With the new Windows Phone and Mac versions we are excited to provide even more ways for fans to have fun putting things into the right categories!

Find the Windows Phone version in the app store here and the Mac version in the app store here.